Listen Up! Music is the Soul of the Movies

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Musicians perform the music that is the soul of a film; the musical score speaks a universal language. But corporate greed in the film industry is putting that in danger.

Some highly profitable film companies, like Lionsgate Entertainment, are sending musicians’ jobs overseas, while taking millions in taxpayer money to produce their movies and continuing to raise costs at the box office. The result is a double-whammy for the public: While paying increasingly more at the box office, taxpayers are subsidizing multi-million dollar companies to ship jobs overseas.

Musicians Deliver 12,000 Petition Signatures to Lionsgate HQ

Musicians Deliver 12,000 Petition Signatures to Lionsgate HQ

That’s why musicians are speaking out all over, telling film and TV studios to “Listen Up!” It’s time these companies did the right thing.

Musicians delivered more than 12,000 petitions to Lionsgate to ask the company to stop sending musicians’ jobs overseas and to uphold industry standards on pay and working conditions. But instead of meeting with musicians, Lionsgate has refused to sit down with them.

Email Lionsgate's CEO & tell him to meet w/the AFM


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